Okay, slowly getting back to work after losing all my recent files.

A lovely commission of a Dwarf OC x Alistair from Dragon Age!


League of Legends - Riven Cosplay by Amie Lynn

Photo by Subversively

//Riven for the OTP thing


put a character in my ask box and I’ll tell you …

My otp: Riven x Zac

My most hated pairing: Riven x Vi

My unusual otp: Riven x Irelia

My friendship otp: Riven x Jinx c;

A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:


Riven x Zac FTW! <3


No Nurse No! by Sparrow & darttheold

Robert Drake is stuck in Fallen Grace Hospital with a broken arm, but one night he gets awakened by a horny nurse (and I mean that in more ways than one!) After comforting him and giving him some “medicine” in an interesting way something strange happens to Robert’s body, luckily the kindly nurse is willing to help him out…

This amazing work is a collab between Sparrow and darttheold! Sparrow did the lines and later I sent them to darttheold to have them coloured. Be sure to check out there works!

Lines Sparrow
Colours darttheold
Based on a scene from Fallen Grace Hospital


Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance - ”Successor of Fate” Orchestral Ver.


How non-creepy fans should react to the bad eggs in their fandoms.


only slightly less menacing than a grass sword tho lbr


only slightly less menacing than a grass sword tho lbr


Fionna by Dracul.


Fionna by Dracul.